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Most searched parts: Wheels / Tires / Accessories / Skoda Superb
hot Rim Aluminum 1 pchot Rim set Aluminum 4 pchot Aluminum Rim with Summer tires 4 pc
hot Wheel nut / Bolt / Kithot Tire Spare Tile Miniature typehot Rim Plate 1 pc
hot AluminiumRim with Winter tires 4 pchot Kompressor Däckhot Axle cap
hot Rim set Plate 4 pchot Rim with Summer tires 1 pchot Plate Rim with Winter tires 4 pc
All parts: Wheels / Tires / Accessories / Skoda Superb
Däck Dim 125x
DIM 125/70-19   
Däck Dim 295x
DIM 295/25-20DIM 295/25-21DIM 295/30-18DIM 295/30-19
DIM 295/30-20DIM 295/30-21DIM 295/30-22DIM 295/35-18
DIM 295/35-19DIM 295/35-20DIM 295/35-21DIM 295/35-22
DIM 295/40-19DIM 295/40-20DIM 295/40-21DIM 295/40-22
DIM 295/45-19DIM 295/45-20DIM 295/60R-22,5DIM 295/80R-22,5
Däck Dim 305x
DIM 305/25-20DIM 305/25-22DIM 305/30-19DIM 305/30-20
DIM 305/30-23DIM 305/40-22DIM 305/55-20DIM 305/60R-22,5
DIM 305/70R-22,5   
Däck Dim 315x
DIM 315/25-19DIM 315/25-23DIM 315/30-21DIM 315/30-22
DIM 315/35-20DIM 315/40-21DIM 315/60R-22,5DIM 315/70R-22,5
DIM 315/80R-22,5   
Däck Dim 31X
DIM 31X10.5-15   
Däck Dim 325x
DIM 325/25-20DIM 325/25-21DIM 325/35-22DIM 325/40-21
DIM 325/55-17   
Däck Dim 335x
DIM 335/25-22   
Däck Dim 385x
DIM 385/55R-22,5DIM 385/65R-22,5  
Däck Dim 425x
DIM 425/65R-22,5   
Däck Dim 445x
DIM 445/45-19,5   
Kompressor DäckTire valve  
Rim / Hubcap
Axle capNavkapselsats 4stRim Aluminum 1 pcRim Plate 1 pc
Rim set Aluminum 4 pcRim set Plate 4 pc  
Tire dimension 000x
DIM 000-10DIM 000-12DIM 000-13DIM 000-14
DIM 000-15DIM 000-16DIM 000-17DIM 000-18
DIM 000-19DIM 000-20DIM 000-21DIM 000-22
DIM 000-23DIM 000-24DIM 000-25DIM 000-26
DIM 000-27DIM 000-28  
Tire dimension 135x
DIM 135-13DIM 135/70-13DIM 135/70-15 
Tire dimension 145x
DIM 145-10DIM 145-12DIM 145-13DIM 145-14
DIM 145-15DIM 145/55-15DIM 145/60-20DIM 145/65-15
DIM 145/70-13DIM 145/80-19  
Tire dimension 155x
DIM 155-12DIM 155-13DIM 155-14DIM 155-15
DIM 155/60-15DIM 155/65-13DIM 155/65-14DIM 155/70-12
DIM 155/70-13DIM 155/70-14DIM 155/70-19DIM 155/80-13
DIM 155/80-19   
Tire dimension 165x
DIM 165-13DIM 165-14DIM 165-15DIM 165/60-13
DIM 165/60-14DIM 165/60-15DIM 165/60-20DIM 165/65-13
DIM 165/65-14DIM 165/65-15DIM 165/70-14DIM 165/70R13
DIM 165/80-13DIM 165/80-15  
Tire dimension 175x
DIM 175-13DIM 175-13 RFDIM 175-14DIM 175-15
DIM 175/50-15DIM 175/55-15DIM 175/60-13DIM 175/60-14
DIM 175/60-15DIM 175/65-13DIM 175/65-14DIM 175/65-14C
DIM 175/65-15DIM 175/70-13DIM 175/70-14DIM 175/70-15
DIM 175/75-16DIM 175/80-14DIM 175/80-19 
Tire dimension 180/65x390
DIM 180/65-390 P6   
Tire dimension 185x
DIM 185-13DIM 185-14DIM 185-14 8CDIM 185-14 RF
DIM 185-15DIM 185/50-16DIM 185/55-13DIM 185/55-14
DIM 185/55-15DIM 185/55-16DIM 185/60-13DIM 185/60-14
DIM 185/60-15DIM 185/60-16DIM 185/65-13DIM 185/65-14
DIM 185/65-15DIM 185/70-13DIM 185/70-14DIM 185/70-15
DIM 185/75-14DIM 185/75-16  
Tire dimension 190/65x390
DIM 190/65-390   
Tire dimension 195x
DIM 195-14DIM 195-14 8CDIM 195-15DIM 195/40-14
DIM 195/40-16DIM 195/40-17DIM 195/45-15DIM 195/45-16
DIM 195/45-17DIM 195/50-15DIM 195/50-16DIM 195/55-13
DIM 195/55-15DIM 195/55-16DIM 195/55-20DIM 195/60-14
DIM 195/60-15DIM 195/60-16DIM 195/65-14DIM 195/65-15
DIM 195/65-16DIM 195/70-13DIM 195/70-14DIM 195/70-15
DIM 195/70-15 CDIM 195/75-14DIM 195/75-16DIM 195/80-15
Tire dimension 200/60x390
DIM 200/60-390   
Tire dimension 205x
DIM 205-14DIM 205-14 8CDIM 205-16DIM 205-16 8C
DIM 205-16 RFDIM 205/40-17DIM 205/40-18DIM 205/45-16
DIM 205/45-17DIM 205/50-15DIM 205/50-16DIM 205/50-17
DIM 205/55-15DIM 205/55-16DIM 205/55-17DIM 205/60-13
DIM 205/60-14DIM 205/60-15DIM 205/60-16DIM 205/65-15
DIM 205/65-15 RFDIM 205/65-16DIM 205/65-16CDIM 205/70-13
DIM 205/70-14DIM 205/70-15DIM 205/70-15 CDIM 205/70-16
DIM 205/75-14DIM 205/75-15DIM 205/75-16DIM 205/80-16
Tire dimension 215x
DIM 215-14 CDIM 215/35-18DIM 215/35-19DIM 215/40-16
DIM 215/40-17DIM 215/40-18DIM 215/45-16DIM 215/45-17
DIM 215/45-18DIM 215/50-17DIM 215/50-18DIM 215/55-16
DIM 215/55-17DIM 215/55-18DIM 215/60-15DIM 215/60-16
DIM 215/60-17DIM 215/60-18DIM 215/65-15DIM 215/65-15C
DIM 215/65-16DIM 215/65-16CDIM 215/65-17DIM 215/70-15
DIM 215/70-16DIM 215/75-14DIM 215/75-15DIM 215/75-16
Tire dimension 225x
DIM 225/30-20DIM 225/35-17DIM 225/35-18DIM 225/35-19
DIM 225/35-20DIM 225/40-16DIM 225/40-18DIM 225/40-19
DIM 225/45-16DIM 225/45-17DIM 225/45-18DIM 225/45-19
DIM 225/50-15DIM 225/50-16DIM 225/50-17DIM 225/50-18
DIM 225/55-15DIM 225/55-16DIM 225/55-17DIM 225/55-18
DIM 225/55-19DIM 225/60-15DIM 225/60-16DIM 225/60-17
DIM 225/60-18DIM 225/65-16DIM 225/65-16CDIM 225/65-17
DIM 225/65-18DIM 225/70-15DIM 225/70-16DIM 225/75-15
DIM 225/75-16   
Tire dimension 235x
DIM 235/30-20DIM 235/35-19DIM 235/35-20DIM 235/40-17
DIM 235/40-18DIM 235/40-19DIM 235/40-20DIM 235/45-17
DIM 235/45-18DIM 235/45-19DIM 235/45-20DIM 235/50-17
DIM 235/50-18DIM 235/50-19DIM 235/55-17DIM 235/55-18
DIM 235/55-19DIM 235/55-20DIM 235/60-16DIM 235/60-17
DIM 235/60-18DIM 235/60-20DIM 235/65-16CDIM 235/65-17
DIM 235/65-18DIM 235/65-19DIM 235/70-15DIM 235/70-16
DIM 235/70-17DIM 235/70R-17,5DIM 235/75-15DIM 235/75-16
DIM 235/75-17,5DIM 235/85-16  
Tire dimension 245x
DIM 245/30-20DIM 245/30-21DIM 245/35-17DIM 245/35-18
DIM 245/35-19DIM 245/35-20DIM 245/35-21DIM 245/40-17
DIM 245/40-18DIM 245/40-19DIM 245/40-20DIM 245/40-21
DIM 245/45-16DIM 245/45-17DIM 245/45-18DIM 245/45-19
DIM 245/45-20DIM 245/50-16DIM 245/50-18DIM 245/50-20
DIM 245/55-16DIM 245/55-17DIM 245/55-19DIM 245/60-18
DIM 245/65-17DIM 245/70-16DIM 245/70-17DIM 245/70R-19,5
DIM 245/75-16   
Tire dimension 250/60x16
DIM 250/60-16   
Tire dimension 255x
DIM 255/30-19DIM 255/30-20DIM 255/30-21DIM 255/35-18
DIM 255/35-19DIM 255/35-20DIM 255/35-21DIM 255/40-16
DIM 255/40-17DIM 255/40-18DIM 255/40-19DIM 255/40-20
DIM 255/40-21DIM 255/45-17DIM 255/45-18DIM 255/45-19
DIM 255/45-20DIM 255/50-19DIM 255/50-20DIM 255/55-16
DIM 255/55-17DIM 255/55-18DIM 255/55-19DIM 255/55-20
DIM 255/60-17DIM 255/60-18DIM 255/65-16DIM 255/65-17
DIM 255/70-15DIM 255/70-16DIM 255/70R-22,5DIM 255/75-15
Tire dimension 265x
DIM 265/30-19DIM 265/30-20DIM 265/30-21DIM 265/30-22
DIM 265/35-18DIM 265/35-19DIM 265/35-20DIM 265/35-21
DIM 265/35-22DIM 265/40-18DIM 265/40-20DIM 265/40-21
DIM 265/40-22DIM 265/45-19DIM 265/45-20DIM 265/50-19
DIM 265/50-20DIM 265/55-19DIM 265/60-18DIM 265/65-17
DIM 265/65-18DIM 265/70-15DIM 265/70-16DIM 265/70-17
DIM 265/70R-19,5DIM 265/75-16  
Tire dimension 275x
DIM 275/30-19DIM 275/30-20DIM 275/30-21DIM 275/35-18
DIM 275/35-19DIM 275/35-20DIM 275/35-21DIM 275/35-22
DIM 275/40-17DIM 275/40-18DIM 275/40-19DIM 275/40-20
DIM 275/40-21DIM 275/40-22DIM 275/45-18DIM 275/45-19
DIM 275/45-20DIM 275/45-21DIM 275/50-19DIM 275/50-20
DIM 275/55-17DIM 275/55-19DIM 275/60-20DIM 275/65-17
DIM 275/70-16DIM 275/70R-19,5DIM 275/70R-22,5DIM 275/80R-22,5
Tire dimension 285x
DIM 285/30-18DIM 285/30-19DIM 285/30-20DIM 285/30-21
DIM 285/30-22DIM 285/35-18DIM 285/35-19DIM 285/35-20
DIM 285/35-21DIM 285/40-19DIM 285/40-20DIM 285/40-22
DIM 285/45-19DIM 285/45-20DIM 285/45-21DIM 285/50-18
DIM 285/50-20DIM 285/60-18DIM 285/65-16DIM 285/65-17
DIM 285/70R-19,5   
Tire dimension 6.00x16
DIM 6.00-16   
Tire dimension 6.50x16
DIM 6.50-16   
Tire dimension 6.70x15
DIM 6.70-15   
Tires other   
Wheels (Rims+tires)
AluminiumRim with Winter tires 4 pcAluminum Rim with Summer tires 4 pcPlate Rim with Summer tires 4 pcPlate Rim with Winter tires 4 pc
Rim with Summer tires 1 pcRim with Winter tires 1 pcSpacer / Spacer HjulTire Spare Tile Miniature type
Wheel nut / Bolt / KitWheel (Tire and Rim) 1 pc